Understanding the LED Statuses (Rockchip Variant)

Figure 1 – Power LED

The 1st LED will stay solid green when the device is powered on.

Figure 2 – Hotspot Booting Up

The 3rd LED will pulsate red while the device is starting up, but not ready to be setup yet. This takes a minute and it will then turn off until the device is fully setup.

Figure 3 – Bluetooth Pairing Mode

Following a boot up, the 2nd LED will stay solid red. This indicates miner is in pairing mode. When pairing mode is disabled, the 2nd LED will blink instead. You can enable or disable the pairing mode by pressing the BT Pair button at the back of the device.

Figure 4 – LoRa Concentrator Working

Following a successful boot, the 3rd LED will stay solid red once the LoRa radio card is started. The LoRa module is what enabled Helium PoC (witness, beacon) and data transfer activity to work. It may take until the location of the hotspot is asserted from the app before this LED turns red, indicating that the LoRa module is working.

Figure 5 – LoRa Concentrator Not Working

If the 3rd LED is not on, it means the LoRa card is not working yet. This is normal in case you’ve recently activated the device, or haven’t asserted the location of the hotspot.

Figure 6 – Ethernet Activity

The 6th LED indicates internet activity through the Ethernet port.

Figure 7 – Normal Hotspot Operation

The LEDs will look as shown above when the hotspot is working as normal. The green LED indicates power, the 2nd red LED indicates that miner is working (it may blink – that is normal), the 3rd LED indicates the LoRa card is working, and the 6th blinking LED indicates internet activity through the Ethernet port.

The other LEDs on the device do not currently have an assigned function. This may change in a future software release as we add new features to the device.

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