How To Pair Your Linxdot Via Bluetooth

The Linxdot doesn’t have a physical Bluetooth pairing button. Bluetooth is normally enabled for 5 minutes after boot.

You are still able to get the Linxdot in pairing mode without rebooting the device. This can be done from the web dashboard of your Linxdot. The device will need to be connected to your network via Ethernet or WiFi for this to work.

  1. Enter the Linxdot’s LAN IP in your web browser. You can only do this if you’re on the same network as the Linxdot (e.g. at home where the Linxdot is). You can find the Linxdot’s LAN IP by opening your router’s web panel, where you will find all connected devices. Or you can also use apps like LanScan (MacOS) and Angry IP Scanner (Windows).
  2. From the dashboard, click the System Actions > Enable Pairing link to enable pairing for 5 minutes. Once you do this, the device will be discoverable from the Helium app. It will look like this:
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