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Connect to Helium, maximise the potential of the world’s largest wireless network.

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Supporting the growth of The Peoples Network


Building the IoT network of tomorrow. Designed for Helium LongFi, and powered by the LoRaWan technology.​

Wider Coverage

Building the IoT network of tomorrow. Designed for Helium LongFi, and powered by the LoRaWan technology.​

High Performance

Stay ahead of neighboring hotspots with a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU that will keep up with the future demands of IoT LoRaWan devices.

Reliable Storage

A hardware configuration you can rely on, even after years of runtime. Comes with integrated 32GB eMMC storage as standard.​

Power Over Ethernet

Conveniently deploy your Linxdot Helium hotspot in more places with integrated PoE support.

Silent and Efficient

Efficient, low-power design that uses as little as a 12W light bulb.​


What is the Linxdot Helium Hotspot?

Designed to be elegant and discreet, yet in the background part of wireless revolution.

The Linxdot Helium Hotspot provides wireless network coverage for Internet of Things (IoT) devices using Long-Fi. Plug the hub to an ethernet connection and it becomes part of the Helium network, the world’s largest wireless network. 

Helium then rewards you in $HNT cryptocurrency for providing and validating this wireless network coverage.

Linxdot uses as little as 12W of energy and can cover up to 10 miles. All you need to do is set up your Linxdot Hotspot from your home and start mining. It is that simple.



ABS plastic enclosure
Dimensions: 185 x 185 x 43 mm
Weight: 293 grams


Complete setup in minutes using
iOS and Android mobile apps


Bluetooth 5.0, BLE
802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
1Gbps Ethernet
Semtech SX1302 LoRa concentrator


3dBi LoRa antenna
27dBm Tx power
RP-SMA female connector, allowing future upgrades and outdoor enclosures


Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
Quad Core CPU @ 1.5Ghz


Universal power supply (EU, UK, US, AU)
Low power use – 12W at peak

Radio frequencies

868 MHz (EU868, RU864)
915 MHz (US915, AS923-1/2/3)


Manage your Linxdot hotspot with ease using the Helium app on iOS and Android

Package includes

3dBi LoRa antenna
Universal power supply (EU, UK, US, AU)
Helium hotspot onboarding fee included ($40)
First location assert fee included ($10)

How does Linxdot compare?

With so many Helium Hotspots to choose from, why should you choose Linxdot? 

The Linxdot Hotspot has been designed so it doesnt look out of place anywhere in the home or indoors. It’s built by an experienced team of electronics engineers and IOT experts, who specialise in electronics product design and manufacturing.

Our existing global delivery network is ready to ship once the product is ready and our customer support team are on hand if you need to contact them.  


Linxdot is designed & built by a team of experienced engineers. Across the group, we have designed and manufactured our own high-end, Qualcomm Android smartphones that have sold in over 60 countries globally.


The Linxdot Hotspot comes with a higher gain antenna, allowing your hotspot to cover much further distances. This means increased $HNT earnings!


The Linxdot Hotspot runs on a quad core 1.5GHz CPU. Higher cycle eMMC allows for maximised longevity of the device, compared to the lower-rated MicroSD cards in the original RAK hotspot.

Frequently asked questions

The Linxdot hotspot is currently pending Helium community approval and testing. Subject to passing community approval, testing and certifications, we expect to open pre-orders and start shipping hotspots in Summer 2021.

We suggest joining our waitlist to be amongst the first to hear when we start accepting orders.

Depending on location, altitude and building density, the Linxdot Hotspot covers areas between 1 and 10 miles.

Shipments to the UK are shipped from our UK warehouse.

Shipments to the rest of the world will ship from Hong Kong with an express courier service via FedEx. We don’t charge sales tax for orders outside the UK, therefore this will be charged via the courier at the time of delivery based on local tariffs.

The People’s Network is powered by a new rewards-based model, made possible by the Helium Blockchain. Helium LongFi™ combines LoRaWAN with the Helium Blockchain and is optimised for miles of wireless network coverage, and long battery life for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The People’s Network connects devices and collects data through its secure and affordable wireless connectivity, without needing to deploy & maintain costly cellular networks and infrastructure.

  1. Affordable pricing – Costs are much cheaper than those associated with cellular networks.
  2. Mass coverage – Helium is the largest public LoRaWAN network in the world. 
  3. Miles of Range – Devices can communicate 200x further on Helium Long-Fi than through Wi-Fi.
  4. Earn $HNT – By hosting a Helium Hotspot Miner, you will be rewarded with HNT helping to provide network coverage for IoT devices.

The Linxdot miner runs on legal for broadcasting frequencies. The device is pending global certifications of conformity and it only uses pre-certified components.

The frequencies emitted and received by the Linxdot miner are lower in power than those used by smartphones, and are completely safe for use indoors.

The Team behind Linxdot

We are passionate about new and innovative technology that brings enhanced functionality to our daily lives through devices and infrastructure.

The team has experience in electronics design, hardware, and manufacturing, with strong relationships with Shenzhen manufacturing partners. Individually, the backgrounds of our core team each have over 10 years experience in electronic designs, telecommunications and Android devices.

Together we are supporting the growth of The Peoples network!

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