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next-gen networks
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Deutsche Telekom

Lorin Network


VivaCell-MTS Armenia


Anything is possible with

Smart LoRaWan devices.


Build smarter cities, improve infrastructure and quality of life for citizens in urban areas. Use safe, efficient and cost effective solutions such as; smart building management, smart parking management, smart energy and lighting management, and smart traffic management.


Implement smart agricultural solutions for precision farming. Increase productivity, profitability and efficiency for farmers with sensors to monitor soil conditions and crop yield.


Create smarter and more efficient transport systems with IOT solutions to transport, track and monitor assets, deliveries and vehicles.


Smart Sensors collect real-time data to help farmers monitor and improve the health and wellbeing of livestock.


Create a safer and greener environment for citizens and tourists through automated environmental monitoring and management. Solutions include air or noise pollution monitoring and efficient waste management monitoring.


Increase awareness of the environment and improve responsiveness to natural emergencies such as rising sea/river levels and weather predictions.

What we've done

So far.


Deploy Linxdots in Portugal.

Starting in Lisbon and moving outwards to rural Portugal, Cellnex will install Linxdot IoT gateways.


Deploy gateways on national scale in Armenia.

A deployment of Linxdot IoT gateways is starting in Sep 2022, the devices will be the first deployment of IOT on a national scale in the country with a follow up to sell and deploy IOT services to B2B customers in the country.


Deploy Linxdots in Germany.

Started deployment of Linxdot IoT gateways units to their infrastructure. Next year they will continue the roll out to a larger scale in the thousands.

The intention is to have Smart City IOT capability fully deployed across their estate. As an infrastructure business, by deploying Helium IOT gateways compared to an alternative technology, they have saved several £M’s in capex / opex as well as time to deploy.

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