Linxdot HIP19 update

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Greetings Linxdot community,

Here’s to the first of many Linxdot community updates!

Firstly, we want to say thank you to everyone for signing up to our wait list. We have been really encouraged by the support from the community and are excited to help grow the Helium network.

Some really exciting news! A functioning Linxdot hotspot prototype is now in transit to the Helium team in the US for audit. We have been working over the last few weeks to get our hotspot finalised and ready for the audit. Given the issues the community has experienced with build quality of hotspots from some manufacturers recently, we wanted to make extra sure that Linxdot is of the highest build quality before the sample left our factory.

On the certifications front, Linxdot hotspot has passed all main tests for CE and FCC and we are expecting the final certifications to be complete very soon.


Manufacturing update

In the background, we have been working to get things in place to begin manufacturing as soon as possible.

At the start of the project we sourced and ordered a batch of CM4 components ready to go for this project, then quickly realised how difficult they are and will continue to be to source for future batches. The global shortages of electronic components and ongoing supply chain issues have proven challenging for many businesses including other hotspot vendors.

In parallel, we have also started working on a custom Rockchip-based board and concentrator for our hotspot. The Rockchip model will ship after the first batch of CM4-based Linxdot units. The two variants will look and function identically.
The current model based on the Raspberry Pi CM4 uses the CM4 IO board, which we will be able to get into people’s hands much quicker. This design allows us to stay productive and deliver Linxdot units earlier, in parallel we will finalise the development of our more scalable, custom Rockchip model.

With this in mind, we are preparing to get components pre-ordered in preparation for manufacturing to begin this summer.

Software updates:

We have also been working on the functionality of our software that includes a custom Linxdot dashboard to allow you to remotely keep tabs of your hotspot and its mining activity.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to drop us an email to [email protected]. Team Linxdot

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