Linxdot is open for orders

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Greetings Linxdot community,

We have some exciting news to share with you all – Linxdot is officially open for orders!

Yes, you read that correctly. Our website is now open to everyone for new orders, and with a limit of 100 units per person. Check it out for yourself here:

In other news, we expect to receive our RCM certification next week! The team has already seen the approved papers, so the certificates shouldn’t take much longer. We will make an announcement once Linxdot’s AU915 model is available to order!

Here is some important information to read before you order:

Product information:

Model: Linxdot Indoor Helium Hotspot

Variants: UK, US902-928, EU863-870.
Whilst we do plan on launching IN, AS and CN variants in the future, this isn’t an option right now.

Price: £399 (GBR) inc shipping. £480 (inc VAT) if you’re from the UK.
Please note we charge in GBR £, so the final price you pay is dependent on your bank’s own conversion rates.
There is no additional shipping cost, but you will be expected to cover your own local import taxes and duties. UK customers will not have to pay additional charges as it’s already included in the cost.
Payment methods: Credit cards, Debit cards, Crypto payment (Bitcoin only), Apple Pay, and bank transfer.

We are working on an Outdoor Linxdot model/solution, and will provide more information when we’re ready.

For further information, please refer to the FAQ section on our website. If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, then feel free to drop us an email to [email protected], or message us through the Linxdot Discord Channel.

We would like to thank the Dewi & Helium team for their hard work and collaboration work with us that has allowed us to get to this stage.

Thank you for your support. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on one of our hotspots!

Team Linxdot 🙂

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