Firmware Update Service

For Syncrobit-powered Helium Hotspots

We are offering a firmware update and ongoing support solution for Syncrobit-powered devices that are currently not being maintained, resulting in their inability to participate in the Helium network.

What's included:

Hassle-free update process.
No flashing or any action required.
Simply power on your device and leave it online.
Ongoing software support from Linxdot.


Syncrobit Helium Hotspots
Other Syncrobit-powered Helium Hotspots (RAK, Mimiq, etc.)

What's needed from you:

Number of devices and hotspot animal names. That's all.


$3 /month or $30 /year

per device

For volume discounts, contact us.


All devices running the Syncrobit firmware are covered, including Syncrobit Helium Hotspots, and RAK Wireless devices running the Syncrobit firmware.

Linxdot manages a fleet of approximately 2,000 devices originally powered by Syncrobit. Following the migration of our firmware infrastructure, we strive to facilitate the Syncrobit community in the most straightforward and user-friendly way possible.

The fees charged for this service are intended to offset the costs associated with our development, infrastructure, and support operations. Our aim is not to generate profit, but rather to recoup the expenses incurred in providing this service. This is particularly important as the Syncrobit fleet utilising our service is significantly larger than our own, with 17,000+ devices compared to our 2,000 CM4 devices.

Our team is collaborating with the original developers of Syncrobit to build and migrate the firmware updates platform. Devices enrolled in our update service receive updates on the same schedule as our entire Linxdot device fleet, numbering over 25,000.

Subscribing to our service is easy and can be canceled at any time with a few clicks from our member area.

If you have more than 10 devices, please contact us and we should be able to offer lower pricing.

Hardware issues

Linxdot is not able to handle hardware warranty claims or any legal responsibilities in relation to Syncrobit devices.

If a hardware issue is identified with a Syncrobit device, we are able to provide an equivalent Linxdot device at a discounted rate.

Device onboarding & location asserts

This service does not include device onboarding and location asserts. We can only offer this service to users with devices that are already onboarded.


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